Friday, 15 July 2011

Creative space crochet...

It's a certain little girl's birthday party tomorrow! And she LOVES what she calls her cuddlies.

And so I made her one - happy birthday Kiera-Leigh!

Loving this week...

A precious almost-nine-year-old who has taken an interest in cooking. He made last night's dinner of Spaghetti Bolognese :)

The best thing I did during the summer holidays was teach him how to make a cup of tea...
If he wants to cook, you bet I'm gonna take serious advantage!


Monday, 11 July 2011

A Blossom Photo Update

 Just cos she's so beautiful!

Painted Crochet

Ok, so I've managed to do it.

Painted crochet. No, you don't use paint, you use thread to change colours.

I used embroidery thread but I'm guessing that normal sewing thread would be easier.
It's not all I've been up to.

My house seems to have become the local mommy community centre. We have Zumba in my lounge on a monday,
Mum's coffee group on wednesday and Toddlers art group on fridays.

This doesn't leave me much time to blog...


or clean my house.

But we're doing well and happy.

Hope you are all well too!

Make-it-Pretty Monday

Friday, 1 July 2011


Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Dear God

This morning I woke up in a house that was colder inside than it was outside. We need a new house.

Your word says that we must be anxious for nothing but, in prayer and supplication submit our requests to You.

I think of the many people who need You desperately.

I think of Leonie, who is trying to do everything without the physical presence of the person she most needs. Please be with her Lord, you know her heart, please give her hope.

I think of Tracy, whose life has become something she never dreamed it would. I pray restoration to her soul and strength for the years ahead. Give her the oil of joy Lord.

I think of Lynne, who is starting a new chapter in life and yet facing the closing of a chapter - help her Lord. You know her future, prepare her heart for it Father.

I think of Liana, whose struggle is similar to my own. Release Your blessings into her life too.

I pray for Lisa. Also faced with trial. Give her peace Father - the peace that passes all understanding.

And Lord, there are many others to pray for, whose trials I don't know. You know each and every one of them. Give them peace.

I also want to thank you for the amazing people you have put into my life. The Whangarei Bloggers group, who all see each other's needs and show astonishing support.

Thank you for the people in my life who are so obviously operating in Your will, specifically a certain teacher and doctor who go above and beyond their jobs and minister to those in need.

And thank you that you see all of us Lord, you know where we are and what we need. Thank you that you are always listening. Thank you that you always answer prayer according to your will. Thank you that you love us, that you have good plans for us, to give us a hope and a future.

Release that hope please Lord.




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