Wednesday, 3 August 2011

First day at Kindy!

Yay! Froggie's first day of morning kindy today!

The kid was so excited that he wanted to go the night before, asking repeatedly: Can I go to kindy now...

And he kept asking - right up until the minute we left.

So happy to see Auntie Donna again.

Auntie Zair showing him where to put his bag...

and his lunch.

Discovery play area.

Auntie Christine chatting to Ryan.
Loving the lightbox!

Pretend play area



Art area

Sand play

reading area

Block area

And the blocks can get BIG too!

Music area...

And an area for mat time.

Parents resource room.

Blossom sat so nicely waiting for me to take all the photos.

And this is Auntie Kim.

Totally envious of her sense of style!

And the frog went straight for the Black and Decker drill!

Ooooh - buttons!
Examining the hole he drilled...

all to make a fence!


Find his kindy's blog here.


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