Friday, 27 May 2011

Lunchtime with Jaiden and Kiera-Leigh

These two kept me entertained this morning.

They are learning so much from  each other - interacting and communicating with each other.

Learning how to share is so tough!

And they are so cute...

 Kiera-Leigh rearranged her sandwiches entirely searching for the cheese and just the cheese.

And Jaidy-Boy, who looks exactly like his father, is learning to stick up for himself.

The Jord learnt today just how much Jaidy-Boy likes Hotwheel cars!


great entertainment!

When they're not yours, that is!

Blossom the Beautiful

Things I'm Loving Number Twelve!

Wow, I've been slack of late. Two weeks since my last blog post? gasp...
Ever since a conversation with JackstaB about screentime - I was saying how my children watch too much TV - I
have realised just how much time I spend addicted to the computer screen. It's not just the kids...
And so, for the last two weeks I've been trying to live more in reality that in cyberspace.

I can't say I've been entirely successful, but it's been interesting!

Stuff I've been loving?

Crocheted hexagonal granny squares  that turn into cute jerseys for new babies...

And the discovery of Photoscape. Simoney from over at Greatfun4kids mentioned it two weeks ago in her Things I'm Loving post - thanks for the heads up Simoney!

And I'm thankful for the amazing friends I've found so far in cyberspace, some of which I've had the privilege of meeting, supporting, laughing with, crafting with, crying with....


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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Things I'm Loving Number Eleven!

The half-giggles...
 The Jord's newfound
crumpet-making talent.

 My crazy frog's face-pulling for the camera.

 Blossom discovering that she can!

Current favourite toy: hanging lion rattle. Her face lights up everytime she sees him grinning at her.

Love it!

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Perked up Princess

Don't you just love those fat cheeks?!?!

It's taken quite a bit of convincing but Princess Blossom has finally decided that 'tummy-time' has it's

She's realised that, if she is just patient, and lifts her head up a little, she can see all manner of interesting things.

Like the other baby in the mirror...

...or the sparkly, shiny counting book.

Fascinating stuff!

At least it isn't the TV....

Monday, 9 May 2011

The Perfect Day

Mother's Day.

This is what it's all about. Not breakfasts in bed, or pieces of
jewellery but celebrating the role you play in the lives of the ones you love the most.

This is how we chose to do it yesterday.

Family time spent on one of the walks at Mair Park...

It was truly the perfect day.


Feeding the ducks...


 My boys. Love them beyond reason.

 We are so blessed to have access to safe walks like this for free.

The Jord being who he is. :)

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Crafty Love

Whenever I have the opportunity to scrap with Tracy from the Scrapheap I come away refreshed.

For some reason, being creative helps me process all the emotional swill that sloshes around inside my head from time to time.

Crafting is also a fantastic way for women to connect with each other.

I'm so glad I've met Trace - spending time with her is so cathartic!

May you be similarly blessed.


Friday, 6 May 2011


There is this girl I know. She is a very quiet, shy and unassuming person. A dreamer. You are more likely to find her sitting in a corner absorbed in a book or lost inside her own head than anywhere else.
She does her best to fade into the background and, for the most part, she would rather everyone just leave her be.
This girl is very dear to me because she is me, or at least, she is who I used to be.
She is the girl my husband fell in love with eleven or so years ago.

Then she became a mommy and slowly faded away. Reality set in and suddenly she had to become a GrownUp.

Motherhood changes us in very drastic ways. The moment you become a mother the world tilts on it's axis. When you realise that, for the rest of his/her life, this little person is going to rely on you for just about everything - the planet seems to shift.

And some mothers take to motherhood like ducks to water. But for the rest of us, the ones who would rather stay in our corners, who prefer to be lost in our thoughts for hours on end, motherhood is huge adjustment.

For me, it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. The hardest journey I've ever had to take and one I'm still on. It was and still is a stretching experience. It's as though I've had to grow beyond my own skin, become more than I've ever thought was possible. Do more than I ever thought I was capable of doing.

I haven't accomplished very many of my dreams, and being that little dreamer there were many of them.
But my children...

They are my life, my reason for getting up every morning (and unfortunately at unreasonable hours of the night).
I wouldn't change anything, not even the hard years because they have made me who I am today.


That girl is still inside me somewhere. She pokes her head out in quiet moments, or when she is with people she trusts. And it's when she does that I realise just how blessed I am to have the life that I have.

To have married the man that I did.

And I realise the treasures my children are.

Sunday is mother's day. I know many ladies who are fantastic mothers and several of them have walked alongside me in various maternal capacities. Quite a few of them have had a positive and dramatic influence on the way I mother my own children. I wish you all a fantastic day and I hope you all know how much I love you.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Oh dear...

 Blossom discovered the TV screen.

I don't think Dora the Explorer has ever had quite such an avid follower...


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