Monday, 31 October 2011

The Many Faces of The Frog

My Roo has had a hard time adjusting to his new place as the 'middle child' in our family.

We get alot of this along with loud wailing.

Spare a prayer for him...

and me.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Painting the Driveway

When you mix equal amounts of cornflour and water  with a few drops of food colouring, you get washable paint.

Or at least mostly washable paint - I would try it out on wallpaper!

My boys thought it was so cool to paint the driveway!

And it washed away after the next rainstorm...

Please excuse Photoscape.

The batch editor was having an off day...

Awesome easy-to-clean-afterwards messy fun!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sock Cleaning

While reading a book recently called The Family Manager I came across a rather revolutionary idea.

Well, it was revolutionary to me!

Use odd socks over kids hands to clean.

I sprayed the walls down with a vinegar and water solution, got them to put socks on their hands and wipe.

It turned into a game and we all had a blast!
And I got a clean(er) kitchen wall!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Weaving the phonebook!

I am absolutely and positively certain that my weaving skills need desperate improvement, but nevertheless:

I did it!

I wove pages of the phonebook to create a basket.

I had to use copious amounts of glue - which is probably cheating.

But below is a photo-tutorial of how I did it.

If you actually want to know, for real how to do this have a wander through these links. They could probably explain the process far better than I ever could!

Fold LOTS of pages! LOTS!!!
Do this. (Or explore those links I told you about to figure it out)
 I used glue to secure them.

I told you I cheated.
 Keep increasing them.
 If you need to (and if you're using the phonebook, you will) glue in some more paper.

 I used clothing pegs to make sure the paper stayed where I wanted it to.

Fold the paper up to create the sides.

And glue and snip when you're done.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Getting organised...

In my quest to simplify my disorganised life I came across this link.

The idea is to print them out for use...

An eco-friendly version would be to print them out, laminate them and reuse it over and over with whiteboard markers...

 But at $3 per page for laminating... my cheapskate version is to print them out and stick them in freezer bags!

Maybe now I'll actually have a vague idea as to what's going on!

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World!

 I know I'm just the teensiest bit biased here but, she is!

You just don't get cuter than this!

And don't you just love the little crocheted heart courtesy of my beautiful friend Leonie from over at Kiwi at Heart?


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