Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Perked up Princess

Don't you just love those fat cheeks?!?!

It's taken quite a bit of convincing but Princess Blossom has finally decided that 'tummy-time' has it's

She's realised that, if she is just patient, and lifts her head up a little, she can see all manner of interesting things.

Like the other baby in the mirror...

...or the sparkly, shiny counting book.

Fascinating stuff!

At least it isn't the TV....


  1. Wow, she is gorgeous! Cluck cluck cluck lol

  2. As I always say... she is soooo cute! Her eyes are amazing and her cheeks are so squishy!! Next time I see you I just have to have a cuddle!!

  3. She's such a darlin' :) so darn cute xxxxx


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