Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Weaving the phonebook!

I am absolutely and positively certain that my weaving skills need desperate improvement, but nevertheless:

I did it!

I wove pages of the phonebook to create a basket.

I had to use copious amounts of glue - which is probably cheating.

But below is a photo-tutorial of how I did it.

If you actually want to know, for real how to do this have a wander through these links. They could probably explain the process far better than I ever could!

Fold LOTS of pages! LOTS!!!
Do this. (Or explore those links I told you about to figure it out)
 I used glue to secure them.

I told you I cheated.
 Keep increasing them.
 If you need to (and if you're using the phonebook, you will) glue in some more paper.

 I used clothing pegs to make sure the paper stayed where I wanted it to.

Fold the paper up to create the sides.

And glue and snip when you're done.


I love hearing your thoughts!


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