Monday, 28 November 2011

Crocheted Skirt for my baby girl!

 Look what I made!

I am so proud....

Using the gorgeous handspun cotton yarn that my cousin Nicola brought me all the way from Zimbabwe (Nix you rock!) I made Miss Blossom a skirt.

It will probably look MUCH better with some tights underneath though.

 And guess who is standing!

(And pushing random small items of furniture around)

I keep reminding her that she is only 9 and a half months old and that she is not allowed to walk until she is 1!

 She's turned into a really jealous little monkey too!

I find myself having to rescue Miss Skye - my other charge every now and then, from Blossom's snatching.

Luckily Miss Skye is such a happy little bubba that she takes it all in her stride, although I've noticed her starting to give back as good as she gets.

You go girl!

Loving having the girls though - I'm finding them such sweet little creatures after raising my two crazy boys!


I love hearing your thoughts!


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