Thursday, 9 September 2010

Miracle Red Cross OpShop Find

Last friday my mother had a brilliant idea. Now, for those of you not in the know, my mother's brilliant ideas are much like mine in that, the brilliance is relative. We think we're geniuses (genii?) whereas our husbands generally get a tolerant smile on their faces and, if we're really lucky, go along with it.
My mom took pity on Ryan and myself by taking us to McDonald's - Ryan's favouritest place in the whole wide world (and mine since it has a McCafe and a play area - you can't beat good coffee and the peace that comes when your kid is occupied elsewhere). After this extreme act of mercy my mom suggested we take a walk to the Red Cross shop across the road. After a rather hairy game of chicken with the cars on Bank street, we made it and occupied ourselves by alternately browsing and chasing Ryan down the sidewalk. Ryan found a kiddy shopping trolley that he instantly fell in love with (and decided to take a walk to find the nearest grocery store to try it out), my mom found this really cool black flowy top - but I made the best find of all. The cookbook that goes with my microwave!
Now, in order to put this into perspective for you I have to explain a few things. Pieter and I are the most blessed people I know. People are constantly giving us things. Important things. Like washing machines and vacuum cleaners and tons of other things I could name. A new friend of mine, Lynn, has decided to singlehandedly furnish baby-number-three's bedroom. Last year sometime my washing machine died around the same time that my friend Melanie's sister decided to move to Australia. Brigette (her sister) wanted to know what I needed and having just moved to a new country with just five suitcases of clothes, I told her we needed anything and everything she could spare. She sent a washing machine - I have a passionate love affair with washing machines that harks back to my days of post natal depression after Jordan was born. I found it very cathartic to sit and watch that specific washing machine go round and round. Incidentally that machine was given to me by Bron Bruyns - love you girl! You'll never know how much!
Anyway Brigette practically gave me a truckload of stuff. And among that stuff is my current microwave. A National called "the Genius". It has all kinds of buttons which, at the time, I ignored because they looked scary and complicated. Up til this point we've been happy to just stick things in it and heat it. But then the miracle occurred - I found the cookbook - for a dollar!
I now can cook entire meals in it. It has revolutionised the way I cook in the way my beloved Bosch dishwasher revolutionised my entire life three years ago. I loved that dishwasher...
But the real miracle, this cookbook was first published in 1983. If you think about it my microwave should be slightly older than that, which makes it as old as I am. And the fact that I find both of them in two different places for just about nothing astounds me!
God must love me BIG time!
Oh, and PS - those that want to preach to me about the evils of using a microwave to cook food - I love you - but go and rain on someone else's parade ok?

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