Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Nostalgic Discovery

I have just discovered a folder in our pictures folder entitled Phone pics... Its three years worth of photos that came off my husband's phone. I can't believe he's had that phone for three years!

Here are some of the more interesting ones:

Such peace! The frog when he was very little... He used to be such a nice kid...

Our first new car - we loved that car...

I love photos of my children asleep!

Yet another - fast asleep.

The Jord, he must have just turned six. You're gorgeous!

And sweet....

And oh-so-very cute when you fall asleep in strange places.

I don't think the frog was impressed with the Pooh ears!

It took a while until Jord figured out how to sleep like a normal person...

Precious kids!

The frog having a bath in Roezitha's kitchen sink.

Fast asleep in his daddy's arms. This was taken in the home of very dear friends - Jaco and Roezitha. We miss them!

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