Friday, 9 September 2011

Father's Day

My precious Husband

I find it difficult to express just how much you mean to this family.
My heart melts when I see the kind of father you have become.

Thank you for being the better parent when I am frustrated, for taking over when I've had enough.

Thank you for stepping in when I am overwhelmed.

Thank you for caring enough to vacuum when I couldn't be bothered.

Thank you for cooking amazing food when I've lost my inspiration.

I have loved watching you bond with with our children and seeing the special relationships between you developing.

As summer is approaching my prayers for you are:

Long days of summer fishing and abundant catches.

May you rest easy. May you stress less.

May every cricket ball you hit this season go for a 6.

May every meal I cook for you be delicious, nutricious and satisfying.

May your home be a place of rest and relaxation, filled with love and laughter.

May God bless you over and above every expectation and the blessings surpass your wildest daydreams in richness and abundance.

I love you...


I love hearing your thoughts!


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