Saturday, 3 September 2011

The Jord's Birthday: The Cake

 Can you believe that I made fondant?

And it wasn't hard!

I wanted to make the cake extra extra special but decided that storebought fondant was going to be waaaay too expensive.

Thank goodness for Pinterest and this pin!

So so simple....

And then my sister painted it for me.
 And while we didn't achieve the extra extra special I was aiming for, I still think the cake was cool.

So did the kids!

The Frog and his best friend had a little picnic.

So cute!


  1. great idea painting the cake...I might get hubby to do that next time...he has much better painting skills

  2. The main thing is that the birthday boy loved it! Happy Birthday to The Jord! Well done, Mum..xox


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