Friday, 1 October 2010

Playing Hooky

So, this is what I went and did on tuesday - instead of  WORKING!

I was playing hooky, bunking - whatever you want to call it. It all boils down to me being the queen of procrastination. I was meant to be filling in a stack of forms to try and renew our work permits, AND I was supposed to be working on the freelance project I have been blessed with! But I managed this and the forms and part of the project. Not doing too badly. I hope!

The little frog went charging towards the sea - until he realised that the sea was coming towards him as well, then he ran away screaming.

Don't you just love the bum?

Tayla Jayne - the one who loves Jord and is loved in return. She wasn't feeling too well on tuesday...

Such a CUTE face!

OMW - the tummy! THE TUMMY!

Oh that bucket was the subject of intense negotiation...

The Jord went with his friend up onto the rocks and caught two starfish and a clam-type thing. He had gotten it into his head that he could keep them as pets... I had to introduce a bit of reality to the situation, in the end he decided to have mercy on the starfish. The clam-type thing is still somewhere around. I don't think its doing to well...

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