Sunday, 3 April 2011

Just call me...

Anybody remember HeMan? What about his
female counterpart SheRa?

Of course, theoretically we were never allowed to watch HeMan or SheRa, it really disturbed my parents to see us running around the yard yelling 'By the powers of grayscull!'

I haven't thought about these two characters in a good two decades, but was reminded of them today.

See, it was an effort of herculean proportions to find all the pieces of the cot (many of which seem to have travelled the earth since they were last used)...

...and put them all together again.

There were many snarls of frustration as I figured out where the tools were to try and tighten the bolts - searching for allen keys and obscure looking screws.

And then doing all the work in silence while Blossom slept - the cot doesn't fit through the average doorway - it needed to be assembled in her room.

But in the end I prevailed: By my own powers thank you very much!

Ooooooh... wooden slats!
Just call me... Supermom! (snicker... snort!)


  1. Awwww doesn't she look sweet in her adorable cot!!! I have one suggestion ... as much as green totally suited the Frog, I think you must sand back and repaint the green Pink for Miss Blossom!!!

  2. I was perfect for The Frog wasn't it? Alas, I lack the skills to sand and paint plastic!

  3. I thought Tracy was going to suggest orange! Love the cot - and way to go you!!! I remember Heman too - my brother loved it (although my mum wasn't too keen on the powers of grayskull either!!).

  4. gorgeous cot and baby to match!


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