Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Just a random update...

On saturday we held our bi-annual (that means twice yearly right?) Clothes Swap Party. It was awesome!
I scored Levis! Of course I don't actually fit into them yet, but that's a minor detail best ignored for the time being....
But one of the highlights was that my friend Lynne came up from Auckland with this precious angel.

As you can see the boys LOVE Kiera-Leigh!

 Blossom spent her first period of time away from her mommy.

Of course Mommy was more concerned by this than she was!

She spent the morning with her Granny and Auntie 'Laine.

I sent the wrap with them, and apparently, according to them, she wouldn't sleep anywhere else... Apparently.

I wonder who wore her... and picturing how those two decided who got the honours gives me a bit of a giggle.

As a result of my efforts to overcome the feeding issue that Blossom's little excursion presented, I now have the nickname: Fonterra Woman.

Fonterra is one of New Zealand's largest dairies.
I went crafting at the Town basin with the Whangarei Bloggers.

Happy birthday to Leonie and Jacksta B!

And I figured out a new way to wrap Blossom - so she can see the world.

Cos she yells if she can't...

How has your weekend been?

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