Monday, 22 November 2010

Bullying or Manipulation?

The Jord is home today. I'm not sure why and that bothers me, surely I should know?

See, when I went to wake him this morning for school he started crying and telling me he was scared to go because of the bullies.


Now I don't know if there are actually real bullies causing this reaction, or if this is just a school avoidance tactic...


...after a long discussion with The Man (by phone because he started work at 4 this morning!) we have agreed that we can't ignore the need for intervention if bullying is actually happening.

Now, many of you are probably horrified that I don't trust what my child is telling me, but I have to say that The Jord has been displaying some very frustrating manipulative behaviour lately. The kid has realised he can get quite a bit accomplished by lying. Little rat!

Lying is not tolerated in this house and normally I can get the truth out if I go into terrorist interrogation mode, but in this instance I just don't know. And I don't want to terrorise the child even further if he is telling the truth.

And so he is at home. And I have an appointment with his teacher tomorrow morning. He'll be there too so that his teacher can get the truth out of him! And details...

...because I don't seem to be getting much of those either. Hence the suspicion.


 There are rules however - no Wii, he's already tried to pull that one.

He WILL be doing school work - he's already done a reading comprehension and is busy with some numeracy. We'll probably take a break soon and I'll set up some more exercises.

The Frog, not wanting to be left out, is also doing some 'work.'

Hope everyone has a great day.

Bullyproof Your Child For Life: Protect Your Child from Teasing, Taunting, and Bullying for GoodBullying Prevention and Intervention: Realistic Strategies for Schools (The Guilford Practical Intervention in Schools Series)Nobody Knew What to Do: A Story about Bullying (Concept Books (Albert Whitman))Stop Bullying Bobby!: Helping Children Cope with Teasing and Bullying

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  1. I hope you get it is so hard the not knowing.


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