Thursday, 25 November 2010

Gardening is easy... I promise!

Every month I get this really cool email from this website. It's inspiring, it is!

So far it's inspired me to do all this.

I've planted out Cauliflower, cabbage, celery and peas.

The peas don't seem to be happy.

I'm praying for them.

I've sown some kind of red capsicum from seeds I harvested from a shop-bought one. Believe it or not they are actually germinating in there - I checked yesterday.

Maybe this will actually work, then again, the seeds are probably hybrids so maybe not...

These are Sub-Arctic Tomatoes. I don't know if they are germinating or not, when I dug around a few I couldn't find the seeds... They're gone!

There is one in the foreground that has a little sprout coming out of it. It might be a little baby tomato plant.

So far my seeds-in-toilet-roll-inners has been a good idea.

It worked with the pumpkins.

Also seeds from a shop-bought pumpkin. So maybe it won't work.

I'm just so proud that they germinated! I've never germinated anything in my life!

Now if I could just do something about the snails!!!

I hate snails. I have no idea where the wisdom was in their creation.

I'm sure that one day, during the course of eternity, I will find out, but for the moment I hate them.

For my kiwi readers: Mitre 10 has MacGregors Snail Bait on sale this week for $1.77.

I stocked up!

I also have two more gorgeous heirloom pumpkins to plant out.

These came from Treena and apparently are called tripods or something because they look a little weird. I'll be sure to post a photo (and save tons of seeds!) when I get some.

The back are heirloom tomatoes.

Also from Treena.

We love Treena.

Already planted out a couple of the heirloom tripod pumpkins. They look like they are surviving.

I just need to watch the stupid snails!

This pile here came from....

...this bed here.

That is what you get for ignoring your flowerbeds for two years.

Currently very thankful to the One who created preggie nesting hormones because I'm getting quite a bit done!

For those interested I'm currently reading these books:
500 Popular Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits & Nuts for New Zealand Gardeners

Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting

Easy on the Pocket: Growing Your Own GroceriesAll About Compost: Recycling Household and Garden Waste (Organic Handbook)


  1. Sjoe! I almost feel like doing some gardeing myself! Thank goodness my landlady is an awesome gardener, so unless its a pot plant I won't be forced to succumb to this urge...
    And as for pot plants, I keep thinking its a good idea, but I think that's all it is for me - a good idea. The reality would be a bag of potting soil, a drying-out plant and me doing something - anything else!!

  2. The Man is hoping it's not but slightly convinced that this is: a phase... I'm planning on hunting snails for the next few months in order to protect my babies! Next on my list is runner beans. Have the perfect spot planned for them, just need to go nail some stuff to the fence...

  3. Nail the empty snail shells to the fence!!! It'll make your 'Grrr' feel better and ... well, nothing else really, but still...
    Oh, that beer in a saucer does work - the greedy buggers can't stop sucking till they pop!


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