Friday, 26 November 2010

Silly Season

I've blogged about the craziness of the christmas period before. The sheer idiocy of the commercialism that surrounds the holiday season and my solution to maintaining traditions without supporting the mayhem.

But, another reason I don't like the christmas season is that, for at least a month, I lose my husband.

He works in the transport industry, which supports the retail industry - and the busier the retail industry gets, the busier the transport industry gets. Which is great from a 'company finance' perspective, especially now during the recession that everyone is convinced is over... But from a marital perspective.... sigh!

We've now been through about 9 years' worth of 'silly season' and I've gotta tell ya: by the time christmas comes around, you won't find anyone more grateful for the break than those who work in retail or goods transportation!

I remember his first few silly seasons - He was working 16 hour days for weeks on end. I rarely saw him, he would arrive home long after I had gone to bed and left almost immediately after he woke. I'm glad he doesn't work for that company anymore! This year is calmer. But still tiring!

The worst though, is that our wedding anniversary happens at the height of the madness. I'm wondering if we should postpone the celebration until we can breathe again.

All I can tell you right now: roll on christmas! I miss my man!

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