Thursday, 25 November 2010

Poor Little Froggle!

Yesterday, I decided to try and run some errands in the afternoon in order to let The Man have a quiet house to relax in and possibly get a short afternoon nap in.

'Cos I'm nice like that.

No..really! I am!

Anyway, as we were walking into the library The Frog walked into a pole. One that had ridges on it at Froggie eye level. Obviously this upset him badly and I had to bend (actually bend!) over to calm him. After reassuring him (I'm awwight Mom) we walked in and I collected the books I had on hold.

That was when I saw the blood leaking from the crease on his eyelid. After a brief 'what the...' moment I realised what must have happened and tried to take a closer look. This involved tackling him and holding him down, practically sitting on him to render him immobile so I could see what had happened to his eyelid.

And what I saw sent me straight into 'mommy panic mode.' I swear, it was a cut that looked as though it almost went straight through his eyelid!

Minutes later I was marching into our Dr's rooms begging to see his practice nurse.

Dr David and Nurse Yvonne are awesome! They actually stopped everything to take a look, reassure me that  he wasn't going to lose his eye etc etc...

 Actually no, they didn't. They did drop everything to take a look, but by that time the 'mommy panic attack' had worn off and I was feeling rather sheepish.
And apologetic. And they graciously reassured me they understood.
I love Central Family Health!

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