Saturday, 9 February 2013


The highlights of my week:

Sunday, we had an awesome church service at our church, the sermon was about vision and we were extremely blessed by the end of it.

Monday, school started! And there are quite a few things I'm loving about this!

This year I am blessed to have TWO of my kids in school. Of course, I had to have a conversation with The Jord regarding NOT terrorising his brother at school, the way he does at home.

 I'm loving the amazingly positive attitude The Roo displayed on his first day of school.

I was quite nervous about it because of the hysterical tears the night before.

But, surprise surprise, he dived right in!

To the point of muttering at me: 'Ok mom, you can GO now..." when I tried to kiss him goodbye!
And then, at about noon, the most profound thing happened. Blossom went down for her daily two hour nap....

And I was alone!

For two whole hours.

It felt like a gift from above, a reward, a taste of what is to come.

Two whole hours to think my own thoughts without being interrupted by demands for jam sandwiches and juice.


 I am thankful for precious reminders of what is truly important, like this one.

The Roo's first attempt at writing was about playing cricket with his Dad.

 I'm loving the fact that homework has started again and the kids are starting to use technology in a productive way, instead of just as entertainment!

And I'm loving that my baby can read....

And lastly, on wednesday, my littlest one turned two. And that day I spent reflecting on the moment she joined our family.

I'm loving the way we work and play together during those morning hours when it's just the two of us.

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  1. Hey Renette so lovely to have you join in this week! Sounds like an amazing week of positive change for you, it is great to be back in the school routines I agree!


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