Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sweets for my Sweets

 Last week wednesday, my overly (yet beautifully) pregnant friend Lynne randomly dropped by my house loaded up with sponge cake and and assortment of tools that one apparently associates with cake decorating.

Her collection is astonishing!

Her idea was to make Valentine's cakes for our husbands.

As I hadn't managed to get anything for the man, it being the end of a very long pay period, this idea rocked!

Here is a photographic portrayal of the process:

First we cut out the heart shapes.

We added a crumb coat of caramel. (My favourite part of the process!)

Rolling out and colouring the icing. Looking gorgeous Lynne!

The pro at work. (not me...Lynne!)

These were mine...
And my end result was the first photo, as well as these little ones that went out on the day as lunchbox surprises. Blossom's got eaten too fast for a photo. Takes after her mother.

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