Friday, 15 February 2013


Blogging with this little monster on my lap.

I'm actually just glad it's sleeping, when she's awake, you just never know when or where she'll attack. The favourite thing is to try and claw her way up my legs.


So I'm thankful for moments of peace!
 One of the things I've resolved to do, as a result of this sermon, is to get out of the house more often and do things that don't involve kids or housework.

I had an absolute blast on tuesday working in the church office, playing with the guillotine and phoning people.

This is to become a regular thing - yay!

I'm thankful that a friend gifted me the entire series of these books. I've read them before, and I know the ending, but I'm enjoying them all over again. Because good books are like that, they're old friends  who uplift you with each return visit.

I encourage everyone to give them a try.

The technology is a bit outdated, even though it was cutting edge at the time of publishing. I have a good giggle every now and then, but despite that, I'm still being blessed by them.

I'm thankful for this little monkey because, after having two boys with their rough and tumble ways, her girliness is a continual delight.

I'm also loving her gleeful enthusiasm for life.
Any little thing is a source of extreme excitement!

And those totally delicious curls! Yes, they occasionally go a bit fuzzy, but I love fussing over her hair.

Daughters are just delightful!

And the Roo's enthusiasm for learning!
His mind is so thirsty for knowledge and his perseverance is something I'm very proud of.

You go Roo!

I'm thankful for a romantic husband who left a card next to my bed  this Valentine's Day, that sent me on a treasure hunt to find....

...these, hiding behind the mustard at the back of the fridge!

Can I hear an "awwwwww"?

He's such an incredibly sweet man and I'm so blessed!

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  1. cute post, kittens are alot of work. aww you have a sweet hubby x

  2. Aw so much to love! Treasure hunts are such fun - what a sweet hubby, and those precious little toes in mama's shoes - so cute! Have a great weekend xx

  3. awesome love that he did that for you - and your kids are so cute!


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