Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Terrific Find Tuesday: Decor Revived

Supporting local and small business owners.

I walk past a small shop everyday and I've been desperate to go in for ages...

The problem is, it's not the kind of shop you really take kids into, or at least not my kids!

I spotted these gorgeous hand-crocheted cushions from the road and managed to dash in and grab a few shots, with the permission of Jill, the owner, before the kids totally lost it.

 In fact, that is why there are only three shots.

By the time I managed to snap the last one Blossom had twisted herself around in the stroller in an attempt to escape, and Roo was begging to explore further inside....
Ummm.... no.

Anyway, from the tiny glimpse I got, Decor Revived is a treasure trove of retro items rarely seen anywhere else. Jill's taste is awesome and I can't wait to go back, sans the minions, of course.

You can find all the pretty here:

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  1. oooo looks good! And I LOVE her surname .. it's hilarious! :-)


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