Thursday, 10 February 2011

Boys Will Be Boys...

Saturday was HOT!

There is some questions as to
just how hot it was - some say 36 degrees C - others less, and my South African readers would scoff at such a mild temperature - but we weren't!

We've acclimatised to kiwi weather...

...and by kiwi standards it was intense!

The Man spent two hours batting in the middle of a cricket field at the height of it - he came home and drank about 6 litres of water!

I refused to let the boys out into the sun - if they went outside they had to stay in shade...

The sun here is nothing to scoff at - SA sun has nothing on this! You burn in about 5 seconds flat without protection here...
But they had great fun under the carport with their waterguns.

It was fascinating watching the water evaporate from the hot paving!

(and educational too ;)

Glad Miss Piggy didn't arrive that day!


  1. Such a cool idea! After having experienced mid 40 degrees plus in Israel I never thought I'd think it was hot here in NZ again... but it's been super hot!!

  2. That is hot even by Aussie standards..hard to keep fluid up to the baby too in that heat. The boys are having heaps of fun in those photos!


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