Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Fine Line

...between bravery and stupidity...

This may look like an unassuming wooden pallet in the middle of
our grassy patch...

until this happens:

I think I was being VERY brave by just hanging back and taking photos.

The Man may have a different take on it.

But The Jord had a blast!

Just look at that grin!


  1. Oh he is LOVING that!! But I give you a Brave Mummy award for letting him do it!! I'm not sure I'd be brave enough!

  2. haha - he's awesome! Reminds me of this...

  3. Oh this reminds me of my brother when we were kids...he'd bribe me..or pay me sometimes, to lay down in front of his ramps so that he could jump over us....(me and my friends!!). hahah.
    Craziness! (but the kids just love it aye?)


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