Thursday, 3 February 2011

First day back at School

Well, thank goodness for that! The long-haul 7 week school holidays are over!

The Jord is now back in school - with a new (very pretty and impossibly skinny) teacher, Miss Duff.

She seemed sweet. I am very sorry that I wasn't in
a place to be sweet back! I'm not a very nice person these days.

These photos were taken of The Jord three years ago on his very first day of school.. Gosh he was SO little!

Anyway, since yesterday's effort to dislodge Miss Piggy failed so miserably, I walked The Jord to school today. It's only 1km so it's not too strenuous. I had had enough of this pregnancy impacting my normal activities with the boys so off we went.

We made it in good shape, and then my friend Tracy offered me a lift home. I took it - I know I probably shouldn't have!
She then went one step further and took The Frog with her to playcentre. What a sweet lady! Thanks!

It meant I could have a long visit with Leanne, my midwife.

I'm feeling much better about life. I have options now, obviously not my ideal dream birth - but I know that if this (and I) become intolerable I have options.

No, I'm not telling you what those are...

In the meantime, The Jord had a really hard time letting me go this morning. I don't know if it was first-day-back jitters or nerves about the impending birth. I think he worries more than he lets on.

I wish I had these smiles this morning, but I didn't.

His teacher was brilliant though.

He is due back in about half an hour and I'm truly hoping he had a better day.
I made a Pear version of this cobbler to welcome him home. Lets hope it gets me this brilliant smile back...


  1. Oh Wow - Jordan - you look like the MAN hey! You're so lucky going to a school where kids can dress like kids, not like mini-adults going to the office! Enjoy it hon!

  2. That was his first day at Ridge - he still has very fond memories of that school!
    His school here doesn't have a uniform, there are intense negotiations about an optional shirt though... And they do have hats that get assigned to each child every year it seems. They take the sun very seriously! And with good reason too! I think of schools in SA where 6 year olds wear ties and blazers and wonder... why?

  3. I went to school in NZ and never wore a uniform until intermediate school. I can remember smuggling one of those stiff petticoats to school in my schoolbag when I was about six! Mum found out..of course.

  4. Heya! Just perusing your blog before we meet at Jacksta's organised coffee and saw this post .. Miss Duff is my friend haha small world! (I hope your son likes her!)

  5. Hey Sima J! The Jord loves her...
    He says she is nicer because she doesn't ask as many hard questions as his last teacher did - funny child!


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