Sunday, 27 February 2011

Kissing the Treefrog


I love my daughter...
but in these photos she looks like a

Just saying.
And yet her brother still cannot stop kissing her!

This may explain the latest cases of runny noses spreading through my family...

Starting with The Jord -

then spread to The Frog -

then spread to The Man -

and (hopefully) finally spread to Blossom the Treefrog.
 The Frog was also convinced that Blossom was kissing him back.

Note the way she closes her eyes as soon as he comes near...

I think she is developing good self-defense reflexes!
And another one...

This goes on for as long as I have patience to allow it.

My patience is often very limited at the moment... doesn't go on for too long!

See what I mean....



  1. she's totally cute!! and look how much more alert she is already!

  2. hehehe - she is sooooooooooooo cute! Such a loving big brother too. Hope you all get well soon. xoxo


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