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Emergency declared after massive earthquake in New Zealand

Christchurch earthquake: This will be day of very black news - Parker - Local News - Wanganui Chronicle

Yet another earthquake hits an already traumatised Christchurch.

According to reports this one has been worse than the September 2010 quake - affecting already unstable buildings and, according to OneNews, causing fatalaties. Numbers unconfirmed as yet.

This quake measured a smaller 6.3 on the Richter scale - as opposed to the 7.1 of the September quake, the damage caused was worse because the September quake occurred 33 km below the earth's surface and this one occurred a mere 5 km below the surface..I'm assuming the earth absorbed some of the shock of the September quake and Chch experienced more of the force of it this time.

Another aspect to this quake that makes it worse is that this one happened at 12:50pm - the September quake happened in the early hours of the morning, and rescuers had more daylight hours to work with immediately after.

Nightfall is approaching and there are still many buildings to clear and many people still in need of rescuing. There are still frightened children in school awaiting their parents' arrivals.

Thoughts and prayers to those affected.

Apparently there is video footage available on YouTube.

For information on people affected, or if you have information on someone there, please go here.

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  1. Hi...it is terrible for the people of Christchurch. I got home from a morning coffee out this morning to see the news on the tv. I have been watching..just glued to the screen with horror to see my countrymen suffering. I live in Oz but am still a Kiwi at heart..esp. when stuff like this happens. Tonight in the dark they will need our prayers...may the Lord be with them and comfort them.


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