Friday, 4 February 2011

Things I'm Loving Number Two!


Firstly, Ravelry!

How awesome is that? A way to organise your crafting life! Very very clever -and they have
free patterns too...
One I'm considering doing is here.

My friend-of-the-same-unusual-name has sent me so many loving care parcels from the States that I want to pour some love back on her.

Secondly, Solitude!

One very wonderful thing about not having delivered Miss Piggy yet is that I get to have a few days of alone-time.

With The Jord back in school and The Frog spending his free ECE hours with his Granny, I get a few hours alone everyday before we have a newborn in the house again.

As desperate as I have been to reclaim my body, I suppose this is one silver lining!

I am very content to be alone, just doing my thing...

Thirdly, several things that all fall into the same category:

Caller ID on my mobile and a landline that can remain switched off.
Facebook's 'Go Offline' chat feature.
And a midwife with the very wise advice to shut the world out!

Much of the stress an overdue pregnant woman feels is apparently due to the many well-meaning people constantly trying to contact her and ask: 'What's happening?' and the all-too-frequent and disappointing reply: 'Nothing.' She says she has noticed that the more people her patients communicate with, the more stressed they feel and the more likely they are to compromise on what they want for a birth, just to get it over with. Obviously some mothers thrive on constant communication - at the moment, I'm not one of them.

I now only talk to my husband, my midwife and my family. If they can get hold of me that is...

You are all special people to me, I love you all and appreciate the care you are showing, but let me reassure you: I'm fine. I'm overdue by 5 days by my reckoning (2 by my midwife's).
I'm tired, cranky, frustrated, hormonal, emotional, uncomfortable and very hard to live with at the moment.
But I'm fine.

Thank you PaisleyJade for finding me this link! It gave me a good giggle and is highly applicable at the moment.
Hope everyone is having a great day today and that you all have a peaceful relaxing weekend -
...and I'm hoping to have joyous news to share with you at the end of it.


  1. Thanks for linking to the pattern, and you have my permission to use the photo :)

  2. Thanks Andrea! For those who don't know, Andrea is the super-clever lady who actually created that pattern!


    Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Loving your list (and I totally think we need to start a Brown Owls or some sort of crafty group oneday).

    Having been overdue with every single one of my pregnancies - I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Here's to a restful and relaxing time for you until that bubba comes. xoxo

  4. Hee hee - not 'Happy Hookers' ;) *naughty snickers*

  5. Ahhh overdue bubbas, how well I know them!
    You have my total sympathy in this muggy weather; great list BTW :)

  6. yep that brings back memories! Love the name Miss Piggy! LOL - Our #1 was"cedric" until he was born! The other two didn't get a nick name, I was less impressed with pregnancy by then LOL.

    Yes keep that phone turned off! Thinking of you - hope things move very soon xx

  7. Wow, you sound like you're totally holding it together, good on you & interesting advice when having babies today, to shut the world out. I have never given it much thought, seeing i haven't had a baby for 7 years but the whole instant SMS thing the moment they're delivered wasn't really about in 2004. I can't imagine today's demand with FB & blogs people wanting to know immediately all the details, photos etc, it's really most important just to your immediately family. Good on you!! Wishing you well with your impending delivery. My eldest starts high school on Monday - it seems like i only delivered her yesterday, well 4 of them have just grown up so quickly. Love Posie

  8. PS none of my babies came on their due dates, i was always so keen to meet them, they took their time. I always felt they were late for a reason, just having the extra day or fortnight (yes) i got many extra things done.

  9. Thanks ladies!
    My husband would disagree with the holding it together comment! The poor guy can't do or say anything right at the moment, and he really is trying so hard.
    I really should show a bit more kindness towards him and the boys.
    It's not their fault Miss Piggy has made herself comfortable!
    And yes Posie - I sewed a baby carrier thingy today - having the time alone is a major silver lining!

  10. Liking the sound of a crafty group!! I would totally be IN!
    Hope you are hanging in there and baby arrives safely very soon!


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