Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I went overdue my due date with The Frog and had finally had enough the one day when I took more than the recommended dose of this stuff - an hour later I was in active labour.

Four hours after taking it he was born.

I've been searching for this for a while, and have found a few websites that have said it was discontinued...


I went into a health shop in town today and found it!

Oh Miss Piggy, Miss Piggy - have I got a surprise for you...

In a VERY good mood right now!


  1. I hope it works for you... I went overdue by 15 days with Monkey... wish I'd known about this stuff!!

  2. Oh lady! I hope so too - serving the eviction notice at 3 as my midwife is only back on call at 5.
    Probably should get dinner sorted... ;)

    Oh boy do I hope this works!

  3. It's not working this time around - good mood dissipated...


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