Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Adrenalin Junkie

Wow, did my boy get treated today! My friend Lynne took the bigger boys (poor frog...) out to Glenbervie to a place called Adventure Forest. My kid got to fly through the trees and climb to his heart's content. Please note that the photos are very low quality as I was trying to upload about 40 of them. If anyone wants a higher quality photo (Oupa?) let me know and I'll send it to you.

Action shot taken during the practice run.

Poor frog, he really wanted to go up too...

Mom: JORD! Look here I want a photo! Jord: Yes SIR!

Safety briefing...

Jordan's friend, Armand.

Walking through a net.

Each obstacle gets progressively harder to do and your centre of balance is challenged in a BIG way!

Oh boy! Did he love this!

They were HIGH!

Go Jord!

What about me???

Barely concealed frustration! 

I'm at the one end of the flying fox, (a.k.a. Foofi Slide?) They are waaaaay over there in the distance...

My friend Lynne's boyfriend, Jason helped ALOT! Thanks Jason!

The boys.

Spiderweb :)

Another LONG flying fox! Can you see them?

Here I've zoomed in, it was LONG!

Brave kid!

So proud of how he dealt with the safety issues. We had to keep an eye on him and remind him all the time to remain clipped on, but this last bit he did himself.

Fantastic time was had by all the boys (except frog...) Well worth doing again! Thanks Lynne.

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