Friday, 29 October 2010

Froggie Numeracy - Phoning Granny

 The Frog is two.

I keep telling you all that, I'm sorry...

But anyway, lately it's been rather interested in numbers. And, in the absence of handy cash for preschool fees or resources to reallyteach him well here at home, I've been trying to come up with ideas as to how to take advantage of the interest...

One way is to get him to dial numbers for me when I need to phone out.

His favourite is his grandmother's number. He just about knows it off by heart now.

Because it's become a game, you see.

Luckily, Granny doesn't mind 17 phone calls a day, and...
luckily, it's free to call her number.

Why he's using his pinkie to do it is beyond me!

And the smile when she answers the phone is worth the patience required!

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