Friday, 8 October 2010

The evil, mushy-brain-making and far-too-useful babysitter...

I don't know why, but every male in my house is fascinated by anything with a screen. And it's terrible - I take shameful advantage of this fascination to get things done.

Like write blog posts, or load the dishwasher, or cook dinner, or make beds. You know I could go on.... right?
But I'll spare you the boring details of my daily life.

Note the look of absolute concentration on his face. I'm currently wondering why I didn't take the empty plate away before taking these pictures...

And I'm only now realising what a mess my computer area is. This is where I work.
I wonder what that says about me?

This is actually quite funny to watch. His entire body moves when he plays. Even his feet. He will lean as he goes around corners. Or shift his hips, or lean back when he brakes. Everything gets caught up in what's happening on the screen.

Of course, the frog had to get his share of attention: Mommy take a smile of me? Pleasepleaseplease!

You know I was actually trained to type and I don't think my fingers move as fast as his!

I think he has his father's hands...

And they're off again!

I would tell you that they get this fascination with screen-bearing devices from their father. I would... 

Except I then think of how much time I spend on the internet, in front of a screen...

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