Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Christmas Window Shopping

You know those REALLY annoying brochures that clog up your letterbox, advertising sales on items that you can't really afford anyway?

I found a use for them.


I told Jord (who is off school because of the tummy bug we've been dealing with all weekend) that his job was to find three things in these brochures for each person in the family, that he thinks they might like for christmas. He was then to cut them out and glue them into his project book and list the cost of each item in the column next to it.
 And then add it all together...
I'm hoping this teaches him three things:
1. It's a maths exercise. He has to add...
2. He has to think about what other people might like for christmas, not only himself.
3. He realises that christmas costs alot of money!

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