Saturday, 23 October 2010

The Monkey and the Frog

We spent this afternoon watching The Man play cricket. Or, at least, I tried. The Frog wasn't going to let me concentrate on one thing for very long.

He kept pulling his pants down and peeing everywhere.

It was distracting.

 Gosh, he's a good-looking kid.

Sorry, I just have to say it.

I think he could do with a mirror check here though!
I tried to get the Frog and the Jord to play cricket together while I took photos of their daddy.

 It didn't work.

I kept having horrors about what could potentially happen to the cars behind them.
 But they both had a go. And I did actually manage to get some interesting shots of The Man bowling. I'll post those later.

I realise now the value of a better lens - mine just doesn't zoom far enough.
See, now I could pretend my two-year-old is a genius and is expressing his dissatisfaction at the action behind him. But I won't.

He was actually wanting me to stop taking photos!
I don't know what this thing was that they were sitting on, I was just grateful it was there.

I could keep them in my line of vision while I watched their dad.
STOP taking photos mom!!!
See? It kept them occupied. Doing who knows what.

I don't know what happened to my child's other shoe.

Maybe it's used for gymnastics...

Here, the Frog had gotten rather too enthusiastic about someone else's cricket gear.

Cricket gear is expensive.

And no matter how many times I told him to leave other people's stuff alone, there was some kind of magnetic attraction.
 And so, I had to get a little tougher.

The Frog burst into tears and ran to his brother for comfort.
He really is a good big brother... very tolerant!

Oh, and by the way. I discovered this trick at the open air cinema at the beginning of the year - use the car seat as a chair - you can strap them in and then they can't move!

They screened 'Where the Wild Things Are' - I didn't get it.
The monkey on the monkey bars.
Of course he was doing his own thing.
His biggest news is that he has lost a tooth out of his bottom jaw. The problem is, he lost it while he was eating and he can't find it now.

It caused some minor consternation.
The Frog...

strapped in!
He's so cool he doesn't need to wear his daddy's sunglasses the way everyone else does.

He scoffs at convention!
Wanna piece of me?

All in all it was an interesting afternoon. Busy, but interesting.

Now I have to go and figure out what's for dinner.

I wonder if I can con The Man into getting chinese...

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