Thursday, 28 October 2010

Jord - the 8-year old Kitchen Prodigy!

Photographic evidence!

 Jord asked if he could cook dinner. He has been asking for a while now, so I got a kid-friendly cookbook out of the library...
Children's First Cookbook: Have Fun in the KitchenThis one.

Highly recommended!
I can see you cringing... I was too!
 Uh huh! Wait til the last photo...
 Just to clarify - I did nothing, except stand back and tell him what to do.
And hand out the plasters...

Wait for the last photo.
Oh, and open the can. We have a horrible can opener!
Looking good...
 He made dinner just for him and The Frog.
Ours was in the back pot and the slow cooker in earlier photos.
Lamb Stew.

The Man preferred Jord's food!
The cheek.
Plating for The Frog.

Such a great brother!
 And then for himself - every detail HAD to be perfect!
That grin actually looks scary for some reason.

Did I Photoshop you too much child?
Note the plaster - from grating the carrot.

But, heck - he cooked!

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