Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Baby Shower

On saturday I hosted a baby shower for my friend

The gorgeous cake...

Made by Madelein over at Cinderella Kids.

Clever lady!

Email her if you want to order one...
 For the record...

this was NOT my idea!

This isn't what it looks like - it's a broken up chocolate in a (brand new) potty with some orange juice.

It's also a very nasty party trick to play on a pregnant woman.

And I am eternally grateful that it was never pulled on me.
 Liana, the lady of the moment.
 Some of the guests.

And Madelein in the red - also pregnant and glowing!

And below, playing one of the party games - guess the diameter of the preggie lady's tummy.

Nobody got it right...

But it was a fun day anyway.

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  1. Oh my gosh! That CAKE is awesome!!! Wish NZ was a lot closer. Ive not heard of that game guessing the mommy-to-be girth - sounds like a giggle!


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