Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Big Blogger Meet-up 2.0

You know how sometimes you'll meet a bunch of
people and you'll just click?

As though you all operate on the same frequency.

Well, that is what it's like with this group of ladies.

We 'get' each other

And PaisleyJade makes amazing brownies - at least I'm fairly sure they were made by her...

Such soft, chocolatey goodness....

sigh Although I need to learn some self control if I ever want to fit into any of my normal size 12 clothing again!

Let me introduce you to some of the ladies...

This is Neetz of Bassett Blurbs and Banter.

Neetz is a singer, mommy, blogger and (judging by the supersized camera she owns) photographer.

 This is Leonie of Kiwi At Heart.

A native Kiwi, Leonie has just emigrated back to NZ from Aus and is currently being kept very busy coordinating a crafty softie-making drive for Christchurch kids.

Please support her if you can.

Apparently there is a teacher in Russia that has her entire class making them...
The next generation of bloggers munching on the current generation's snacks...
This is TracyP from Inside the Scrap Heap.

Tracy and I have kids who go to the same kindergarten and who actually get along together, for the most part.

Here she is demonstrating the primary occupation of most bloggers - recording life's mundane events photographically all the while muttering: That'll look good on the blog...

No blogger worth her salt goes anywhere without her camera. It's rule number one.

And it's a lesson Tracy and I both learned at the last Bloggy meet-up.
And this is Jacksta B whose idea it, apparently, was to meet up in the first place...

Good thinking! And love those shirts...

Blossom spent the entire time buried under her denim jacket and only woke up for a feed as everyone was leaving.

And the public crocheting continues in fine form. Kristy of PaisleyJade is sitting on the left. Mum of 4 (gasp) and crocheter extraordinaire - love her to bits!

I think we should make it our mission to make crocheting cool again.

Next time we should pick a very upmarket and contemporary coffee shop and haul out the crochet...

Or! Get takeaway coffee and meet up at Harvey Norman and pick a lounge suite to try out... ;-)

Ok... maybe the more deviant part of my brain is taking over - I'll shut up now.


  1. Haha - love your post and the photos! Totally keen to do some crochet in an upmarket cafe (or Harvey Norman - hehe). So lovely to catch up again with you and your beautiful kiddies.

    p.s. Leonie is rocking that banana!

  2. I reakon you guys could try a crochet group in McCafe or something. A big massive group of you could get together, we could video and post it on Youtube!

  3. hahahahaha...luv it!!! :)
    Love the Harvey norman idea... can just see us all being hauled off out the door quick guys with your crochet in tow... LMAO! so funny!
    And you're so right re: the "clicking" bit... meeting up with you guys has been totally effortless! and fun... and awesome!

  4. I absolutely LOVE the idea of you ladies crocheting on a couch at Harvey Normans, maybe Jackie and I could set up a scrapbook station at a nearby table!!!


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