Wednesday, 2 March 2011


As some of you may know, two weeks ago my
grandfather passed away.

My uncle wrote the following poem and it truly touched my heart - maybe it will bring comfort to others.

And now I stand before you, your eyes they swell with tears
Is this"... to be my legacy, From countless happy years?
You know that I'm still with you, I stand here at your side
There is no need to grieve for me, Be full of pride

Take comfort In my passing, Stay strong and true at heart
There is no need for sorrow, We will never be apart
My happiness in life, Has set my spirit free
I leave you with my memory, Your love I take with me

Be happy and be joyful, on this my special day
Sing out loud and pray for me, as I venture on my way
For you my life is over, for me it's just begun

I go to be with Jesus, to be with him as one

The last time I spoke to my grandfather was just 2 weeks before he passed, we chatted together over Skype. He was just ringing me up to let me know that he was going into a rehabilitation clinic and that he would be offline for a while...

Blossom hadn't been born yet.

After she had been born I was anxiously waiting for him to get home so I could show her off, but he never went home. And so, when my Aunt sent me this I sobbed all day:

I printed some photos of Blossom off and took them to the hospital for him. He made me write her name, date and hour of birth on the best photo - you know the one where she's screaming her head off. Well he showed them off to every one who came close to his bed. Even on Sunday afternoon when he was so terribly weak and could hardly talk, the pastor and wife came to see him and the first thing he did was point to the photos and said look at my third great grand child. He was soooo proud.

Thank you Grumpy... 


  1. I feel awful - the two times I've seen you since his passing I keep forgetting to give my sympathies in person. Beautiful poem - and so special how he was showing off Blossom to everyone. xoxo

  2. aw :( sorry about your loss.
    Lovely poem.

  3. Aw 'Nette - this is a lovely way to remember your Grumpy hey? Aily certainly changed more lives than just the four of you eh? She's all over the world and brings huge joy already! Well done little lady - you're off to a great start!

  4. So sorry I never gave you a squeeze when I saw Kristy, I forgot...((hugs)).
    Awesome to know he knew he had a precious third great grandchild, and was so very proud of her!!

    And that poem is just beautiful!! Im going to my friends grandmums funeral this weekend, so will print off a copy for her..she'll love that...

  5. Beautiful poem, I had a tear in my eye as I read it.
    Find comfort in the love of your friends and family .. and I too will try to remember to give you a hug next time I see you!!

  6. Truly lovely words. So comforting and really touched me. What a proud great grandad he was and so special for you to know that story of how much he loved his new great grand daughter :-)


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