Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Big Blogger Meet-up Again

 Ever notice how other kids' toys are always more
interesting to your kids than their own?

I don't know when my kids last saw the toys in the bottom of their toybox!

Yesterday, the WHG Blogger group congregated at my house and the kids had an awesome time in the playroom! And the TV wasn't even on...

PaisleyJade's little one was climbing in, and Neetz's  was following close behind!

SimaJ's two boys had fun rummaging around too.
While all the bloggers munched on these decadent yummies.

Leonie's Ginger Crunch was awesome! And The Frog loved TracyP's grapes (SO glad that his granny had to deal with the consequences...)

And we inspired a friend of mine to start a blog too!

Can't wait for the next Blogger meeting!


  1. thank you for having us Renette, you were the hostess with the mostess... a relaxed lovely time with beautiful friends.

  2. Thanks for coming! I love having people come to my house... it means I don't have to walk anywhere...! Kidding, I love spending time with all of you!

  3. Was such a neat time - thanks Renette for being such a lovely hostess with the coolest never-ending toybox ;)

  4. Yayyy Renette! great to go to other homes that are kiddie friendly!! Kendyl and I had a great time thanks xxx


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