Saturday, 19 March 2011

Does this make me a Bad Mommy?

Ok seriously, we had just gotten back from the Mobile Library and Blossom was fast asleep in the sling.

Everytime I've tried to get her out of it and transfer her to the bassinet, she has woken up, so today I decided to leave her in there.

And hang her from the doorknob.

Don't tell Plunket.

She was fast asleep and as far as I could tell there were no major dangers present. She looked fine.


Something didn't feel quite right about it to me. I felt like a bad mommy - as though I was seriously neglecting my child.

So what do you think? Am I a bad mommy?

For those who think I am let me reassure you: after taking these I couldn't leave her there unsupervised, so I took her out.

She woke up.



  1. haha so cute!! You are NOT a bad mum for sure .. there does seem something not right about it but she is totally fine there - esp. if she's supervised! Don't you hate having kids that don't transfer. Mine never did either!

  2. I had that same sling for Abbey and I must be a Bad Mummy too because I had hung her up on occassion rather than waking her up too!!

  3. I guess my only worry would be that the door knob may fall off or the sling wiggle it's way off the knob..only you would know how secure that particular one is!

  4. Thanks ladies, she was safe enough, I guess the reason I felt so uncomfortable was because the aim of a sling is to have them closer, not hang them on a doorknob - ;-D
    And yes, it is frustrating when they don't transfer easily!


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