Thursday, 17 March 2011

My hourly rate.

There has been recent talk lately among people in my life about me getting a job.

We live on one income that The Man works fairly long hours for. And it only just about covers everything. Most months are a struggle and our budget often involves creative juggling of bills.

And so, a second income would be very very welcome.

But (how did you know that was coming?)

Childcare in New Zealand is exorbitant. The government subsidises childcare for most people and for most it isn't really a problem. (In fact, I suspect that the subsidy is the reason for the high rates in the first place)
However, those subsidies are only available to New Zealanders with Permanent Resident status. We only have work permits so we don't qualify.

From what I've gathered, the hourly wage here is between $15 and $20. Remember that.

Childcare averages out at $6 per hour. After (and before) school care is about $5 per hour.

If I worked a 40 hour week, say 8 to 5 - I would be charged for 10 hours of childcare per day for Blossom and The Frog and 4 hours of after school care per day for The Jord. You still have to pay carers for the time you spend travelling to and from work.

That works out to $140 a day, $700 per week.

I do receive $80 per week's worth of government-subsidised childcare for The Frog.
$620 per week.

I would be paying $15.50 per hour in order to have a job. My entire wage would be gone.

What would the point be? I would be going to work to give someone else the privilege of watching Blossom grow?
And so I think of it like this: I stay at home in order to SAVE the family money. Make sense?


  1. Great reading, and I do get where you are coming from. I am a Family Day Carer (at home child care)and love my job to bits, I'm always grateful for the mums and dads that go to work and leave me with their little cherubs, who wouldnt love playing all day! I do feel for them when they have to take a large chunk out of their pay, but when they get subsidised it isnt too bad, sorry you don't qualify for this :) Hope those bills don't keep you broke! Do they ever stop coming in?

  2. Totally makes sense!! Hopefully you will be able to get residency soon - we live on one wage and if it wasn't for the govt family assistance we could not cope at all. xoxo

  3. We live on one wage... we were really blessed to be able to have children, (they were a total surprise)... so we decided that we would raise em and put them first...hence, I finished nursing for a while. It's just lucky that my band work pays decently, as we don't recieve a thing from the govt! Hubby is a great provider, and it won't be long before
    Kendyl's off to school and I am back wiping bottoms and so on and so forth... heehee. As much as I would love the extra dollars from my old job, I wouldn't wanna miss raising my kiddies... it all goes by so quickly! xx


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