Tuesday, 15 March 2011

LAM Method?

Oh stink!

While discussing possible contraceptive methods with my midwife
we decided that, not wanting to muck around with powerful hormones, the LAM Method was what would suit me best.


In order for it to be truly effective I would need to practise the Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding.

Brace yourself when reading this. Apparently this involves lots of babywearing (something I thought only hippies did until Blossom had her first colic episode two nights ago), co-sleeping (my thoughts on this here), and they even go as far as to suggest that not even a stroller should come between mother and baby.

I'm sorry.

I've gotta say that I've never done the whole attachment parenting thing. Seriously, as a concept, it goes against the ultimate goal of parenting in the first place, which is: creating  independent human beings.

But, I've had to learnt to be flexible this time. Blossom seems intent on carving her own path in life and not following in her brother's footsteps. This is something I would encourage as much as I possibly could - if she wasn't keeping me on MY toes...

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  1. wowsers that sounds full on! Good on you for giving it a go .. hope it works!! :-)

  2. good luck Renette!
    I think if I did it all again (which I probably wont) I might be more inclined to attachment parenting - I became a bit more that way with each child...I like the idea of baby wearing but never knew how to do it.... all the best!

  3. Thanks ladies.
    As far as I am concerned, her days of bedsharing are numbered.
    I did that with The Jord and had a huge fight with him three years later to get him out. Not keen to go down that road again!
    The babywearing will stop as soon as I have a decent stroller, that was just a short term solution until we found one.

  4. yikes! You can do all that and it still isn't 100% effective. I would consider myself a detachment parent!

  5. I saw people with these and when I had my kids, I was too afraid something would not be attached properly/securely enough and it would unravel and the baby would end up on the ground!

    I decided against that. We had one of those backpack thingys and it was such a pain and strain, and our son would cry and it was next to impossible for us to attend to him while on the back, so it was constant on/off...we weren't hiking, so the backack stayed in the closet. :)



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