Thursday, 2 December 2010

A Grandmother's Love...

My mom was doing something on Vistaprint today and asked me to find her a photo of her and the boys.

I found this one.

It was a really difficult photo to take! There was constant movement and this was the best result of the bunch.

But she loves it.

And it made me think about just how many photos I have of the grannies in my kids' lives with them, and the answer is sadly, very very few.
For example I wish I had more photos of this particular Grandmother.

But she lives 11 timezones away and my kids only see her on Skype now.

We miss Ouma.
I must say that I think my children are very blessed to have grandparents in their lives.

I know children who, for various reasons, don't.

And Grannies are special creatures indeed to a young child.

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  1. It's so very true that grandparents are a special blessing. sure to take lots of photos of them, even if you have to do it with a webcam!

  2. We're hoping that one day soon those grandparents are going to make it across the Indian Ocean and visit, especially since they have another grandchild on the way... Then they won't be able to sneeze without it being recorded!

  3. My Gran died many years ago, but she is evoked in an instant by the smell of raw spices, especially cinnamon and cedarwood, which she'd put among her stacks of linen. She'd lived in Ceylon - now Sri Lanka, and learned about these things first hand.
    I remember her face completely, no gaps, no maybes. I remember her digging away in her Zambian garden - with an 'everlasting' fag hanging out of her mouth. Thats what killed her - during the second mastectomy.
    Considering the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign happening right now, its all the more poignant. She only ever saw her first great-grandchild.
    But I remember her.

  4. I'm honoured you shared that Sal. She sounds like she lived her life to the fullest.
    This wouldn't be the same Gran who reversed out of the garage and straight into the over-the-road neighbors? Or was that your mum? I still remember how I laughed at that story!


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