Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Fascination with Fish

 Uncle Andrew took The Jord fishing today as a reward for being such a help to me.

When they got home The Frog was absolutely rapt at what Uncle Andrew managed to catch.
A Kingfish.

And The Frog was torn between wanting a closer look, but not wanting to get too close...

 Just in case!

Heck - those weeds look awful!
 I have no idea what he was examining so closely, but heck, it was cute to watch!
Not even when I said 'smile' did my boys look up from the fish... know, I think my brother has now managed to brainwash the third male.

I thought I would have him a bit longer than this.

But no, apparently as soon as The Frog is out of nappies Uncle Andrew will be taking him fishing too.

Come to think of it, that's incentive enough for both of us!


  1. That is a magnificent fish! Funny that the boys didn't want to look away from it for a second...maybe they didn't really think it was

  2. I know The Frog was nervous, The Jord was actually sulking. He wanted to go and visit his friend down the road and I'd said not until I had a picture. He's developing that 8-year-old attitude...


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