Thursday, 9 December 2010

'Magination Movers!

This is 'pretend play' for The Frog.

Getting hold of his Daddy's Guitar Hero guitar and fantasizing about actually playing!
To tell you the truth, the kid loves watching The Man play, the other day I was sitting here by the computer, minding my own business (actually, no, I was on the internet so I guess you could say I was minding everybody else's...) and The Frog came racing up to me and commanded me to join the two of them in the lounge...
When I got there I was told to 'DANCE Mommy DANCE to Daddy's song!'

What was I supposed to do?

I danced.

To some hard rock thing.

The Frog just didn't get head banging though..
On this particular day here, he had convinced himself that he was an 'Magination Mover.

I suppose he could have worse heroes.

I think The Jord was becoming fascinated by John Cena at the same age.

You can be an 'Magination Mover my Frog, for as long as you like...

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  1. My 2 year old does that, we have some great photos of him with this intense concentration look to him.

    I love reading your blog and would like to award you with a Blog Award. Go to my blog to collect it :)


  2. What a lovely set of photos. They are so fascinating at that age!

  3. Thanks Cyndi - collected and passed on...
    And Bettyl, he is such a character!

  4. So do you get pee-wee sized Rocker Leather outfits?


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