Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Morning

The Frog swigging back M&Ms from his santa sack...

Grumpy and The Frog having a moment on the couch.

The Jord and The Frog examining the swing ball set from Granny

Froggie figuring out how to do this.

Some help from Auntie Keren of the manicured hands... Auntie Keren doesn't have kids yet.

The anticipation...

Soooo excited!

My kid loves christmas morning!

Oh yeah! Lunchboxxes... and thanks Auntie Mel and Uncle B for the dinosaurs!

I just sat and took pictures... and opened presents. :)

Auntie Sherri and Uncle Andrew had fun opening gifts too.

Can you believe I actually managed to wrap that bike?

Daddy had to help unwrap it!

The Frog did try and test it out but was more content inspecting it...

The Jord got a 'ripstick'-style scooter. He's already mastered it!

The Man got my hints. I love him...

Auntie Keren and Uncle Molly.

Granny and Grampa

Auntie Keren and The Frog

The Jord enjoying one of his gifts outside - The Frog wasn't enjoying it quite as much...

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