Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Slow Down Attempt Number.. ok, I've lost Count!

I wish I could bottle the hormones that cause the nesting instinct in pregnancy. Can you imagine what we could accomplish?

This time around I've made all our christmas gifts, planted a vegetable garden, recovered my one couch, managed to get another one fixed and now I'm crocheting.

Now, I wish I could tell you that I was an expert at crochet. The truth is all I really know how to do is granny squares.

My mother tried to teach me to knit once. I must have been about 6 at the time and as I recall I found the entire thing hilarious and she found it frustrating.

She gave up and I never learned to knit.
 My grandmother managed to get me to knit a vest for The Jord about 6 years ago but she coached me through the entire thing and I seriously doubt I could duplicate it.

But granny squares I know!

When I was pregnant with The Frog, I had a full time job and didn't feel such strong urges to 'get things done' but The Man's mom was in a stage of her life where she needed her hands busy and her mind free, so I taught her to crochet granny squares.

In other words I delegated the nesting instinct.

Evil commanding wench, I am!
She created this gorgeous blanket for The Frog and did a far better job than I ever could have!

Anyway, back to the current crochet attempt.

My gorgeous 'new' couch has wooden armrests that weren't sealed all that well, so you REALLY have to use a coaster.

Unfortunately I don't own coasters.

So this morning inspiration hit like a lightning bolt and I began to crochet.

The problem is, while nesting hormones provide the drive, they certainly don't provide the know-how.
As evidenced by my first attempt.

I suppose it would serve it's purpose, but it doesn't look very pretty does it?

Also, I'm not sure wool would make the best coasters, do you get cotton for crocheting?

I'm also sure that this would look much better if I used a smaller metal crochet hook rather than the monster 8mm plastic hook that I have...


I'll get there one day I suppose!
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  1. Yes you can get cotton for crocheting...little granny squares look great as could even back them with fabric if you wanted to. Your one there would look fine with a backing too!

  2. I made some coasters out of wool and they work suprisingly well. Mine are knitted with a fabric backing, but they would work also without the fabric, but here is Houston glasses sweat a LOT. I've crocheted some out of hemp which also works well. I'd like to crochet some little granny squares and then felt them. Saw a picture of that on Flickr and it was really cute.


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