Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Stollen Biscotti

You're confused, aren't you?

For those who know what Stollen is, you're wondering how on earth it suddenly became Biscotti...

...and for those of you who don't, you probably think I've made a typo and I've now sunk to stealing baked goods..

Haha! Stollen is traditionally german and The Man and I were introduced to it last year by his brother, Francois, it's yummy!

Biscotti is traditionally italian... BUT I love both so, combining them has got to be a good thing right?
And it's kind of a symbolic thing for us to make as a family - sort of. See, I have fairly strong italian genes on my mother's side and The Man's family was apparently one of the original founding families of Vienna, which is in Austria, which, I think is kinda close to Germany?

My european geography sucks... sorry.

Christmas Gifts from the Kitchen (Company's Coming Special Occasion) Anyway, my mother gave me this cookbook for our anniversary and, lo and behold, there it was. A version of biscotti with the taste of Stollen.


As far as I am concerned for a country that has come up with some really kooky ideas in the past (ever heard Du Hast?) they sure got this right!

I think it has something to do with the combined tastes of rum and almonds...

Now I really sound pregnant, but if you ever get the chance, try it!

Anyway, you are meant to soak your fruit overnight in spiced rum, I did mine in orange juice and rum essence. Cos... I'm pregnant....

Warning: for chefs with purist tendencies I deviate from tradition alot!

Then you have to combine all your dry ingredients...

This is my version of christmas baking....

in bulk...

It's hot and I want to get it over with!
Then you mix eggs and melted butter together.

My mixer looks sad doesn't it?

About a year ago, The Frog was going through a stage of lobbing everything into the bin, I think he was fascinated by the swing top.

It's been about that long since I last saw that other beater.

And to think, my mother has a Kenwood Chef that she lends out to my brother to make Berley. Only click that link if you really want to know...

I think it's a sacrilege. A Kenwood Chef... for berley!

 Then you mix the eggy stuff into the dry stuff with the rum/fruit stuff and mix...
Till it kinda looks like this.

(It's the first time I've made this, I'm busy faking any confidence in this recipe at this point)

Then the recipe tells you to knead it 6 times.

Yeah right...
I just mushed it together a couple of times and then rolled it into thick sausages.
Which you stick onto baking trays, flatten them, and then bake them in the oven...
...until it looks like this.
 And then you slice it up and bake it in the oven again... dry it out.

Dust it with icing sugar and you're ready to go.

If you want the recipe, contact me.

I'm also going to be making Hazelnut Biscotti this year - I'll post that when it happens.


  1. Hey, that looked as though it turned out to be delicious...mmmm!

  2. They are! Hazelnut today... Want recipes?


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