Saturday, 11 December 2010

Hoooleeey Tarakihi!

Ok so, this afternoon I found myself doing something I never thought I would do...

The Man was at cricket and the end of the month is looming with it's accompanying freezer deficiencies.

Which all means I get to do this.

Scale and fillet fish.
Now I have to say, for a girl whose family sport seems to be fishing...

...who caught her first Tigerfish at the age of 4...

...I suppose it's rather shameful that I don't really know how to do this.

I actually spent more than 13 minutes on the phone to  my dad while he talked me through the procedure.

This was the result of my first attempt at filleting fish. It may actually be my last attempt. Clearly The Man is better at this than I am!

So I gave in and went outside and decided to try and scale them.

In hindsight, I should have given up the entire idea as a really bad job and squealed 'EW!' like the girl I am and  run screaming from the scene.

But I'm stubborn.

So were the scales.

I did what my father advised me to do and got showered in scales.
They still are stubborn - stubbornly clinging to my skin, my hair, my arms...

I haven't looked in the mirror but I'm pretty sure there are some stuck to my cheekbones.

And I know they went down my shirt.

The Jord captured this expression on my face and I'm sure it's still there.

Just like I'm sure the smell on my fingers is NEVER going to go away!
I was very relieved to get back into the kitchen.

I decided to stuff the fish with garlic, lemon slices and parsley.

And sprinkle everything liberally with salt.
 Before the stuffing...
And after.

After all that - let's hope this works!


  1. At least you know what to do with them after they are scaled and stuff! I am an ok cook but fish...we always had fish 'n chips on Fridays growing up but apart from frying them...???? wish I knew.

  2. Whuahahahahah!!! At least you're not a dedicated Chef - I've seen the TV chefs use tweezers to do stuff to fish and often wondered whose tweezers they were... I mean, do you actually go into a store and say "Please give me your most reasonably priced fish tweezers"? I don't THINK so............

  3. Well! I've decided The Man will be doing this from now on! He can tweeze away!
    And Carol, fish is great baked in the oven with some onions and pumpkin, with cheese sauce poured over, that has wholegrain mustard and some chopped up garlic in it. Brown that and then serve it with some rice or pasta. Yum! Will take photos the next time I make it (probably winter - it's REALLY hot here now). But if you want to try in the meantime - put it all into an oven dish, cover it and bake it at 180 degrees for as long as it takes the pumpkin to cook through. Pour over the cheese sauce and return to the oven uncovered. Easy as! ;)


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