Monday, 6 December 2010

Baby Shower...

On saturday my sister organised a baby shower for me and little Miss Piggy (who, by the way, is now head down - 8 weeks to go).

Originally it was mean to be a Pink Picnic in the Park, but the weather had my mother and sister nervous so about an hour before it was due to start it was switched to my mother's house. Frantic phonecalls all over the place...

I, of course, forgot my camera, so the day was recorded for posterity by my sister and her touch screen phone.

The term 'sweet as' is a very kiwi expression, meaning 'all is good.'

I like having something that is definitively kiwi for this little one. It's my first (and you better bet, my last!) born here.

This was one of three hooded towels I received. You know, I completely forgot that you need them...

Thank goodness I have friends who understand!
Little pink clothes! Thanks so much to those who got me some newborn stuff.

I have very little so what you all got is valued highly!

I'm going to have to get some more - as I recall, they go through ALOT of clothes!
 Thank you to Tannie Erna for these! Another thing I forgot you need!

I'm hoping to locate my brain in the next few weeks.
A big thank you to those who spoilt Miss Piggy and I.

I love all the gifts - I have enough toiletries, blankets and towels - a very good base to start off with!

Heaven help us if the radiologist got it wrong.

And, lastly, thank you to my mom and sister for organising it all.

Love you!

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